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About Vitality Life

Sampson is an Entrepreneur from California who started two successful companies by the age of 23 working out of his apartment at a Private University. One of those companies is called Vitality Life. 

Today Vitality Life, LLC is a consulting company that educates people on how to live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle free from the trends of mental illness and chronic disease in the Western World. We help Teens, Young Men & Women, and Adults Biohack their Human Genome, receive Cellular Education, Overcome mental and chronic illnesses, and Live a Preventative Lifestyle from the health problems trending in our day & age. Creating for them a Vitality Lifestyle where they look better, feel better, and live better through our proven Based in Nature & Backed by Science Cellular Health Program called The Vitality Life Accelerator.  
Through Sampson's partnership with a Scientific Advisory Board, Doctors, Counselors, and a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutrition Organization, he has been able to change many people's lives around the world. Including helping adults in their career & family life, college students, high school students, and young professionals live a flourishing lifestyle by Ending The Trend in three folds: the trend of Zero Health Education, the trend of Nutritional Deficiency, the trend of Chronic Disease & Mental illness.

Today Sampson's clients are the healthiest and happiest Young & Senior Adults in the world. He has helped them gain control of their health, transform their lifestyle, and achieve their future goals in a time where most people are not in control of their health. 

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How Can I Help You?




Learn how to live a healthy, vibrant-filled life free from the trends of chronic disease, mental illness, and nutritional deficiency. Be empowered and given the right education, resources, and nutrition to achieve your dreams and live the life you have always wanted.

A based in nature and backed by science clinically proven process to achieving your health goals. By providing you with the perfectly engineered Vitality Life Equation through our Vitality Life Accelerator Program. Where you will receive all of the education, guidance, support, nutritional resources, and expert mentorship you need to take action today and live a healthy lifestyle.

Trained nutritionist, experienced consultant, and coach. Many years of education and mentorship experience. Partnership with Doctors, Counselors, Coaches, a world-renown nutrition organization, and a global Scientific Advisory Board to help you get the best lifestyle results.

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